Hoshimura Makina (星村 眞姫那 Hoshimura Makina?) is the main female protagonist of the series Shikabane Hime (English translation Corpse Princess).


She has long purple hair with 2 braids and red ribbons on the back of her head. She is usually seen wearing a school uniform.



She is a daughter of the Hoshimura family. Her father was a monk. Shortly before the series started, her home was burned down and she and her family were murdered by the Seven Stars, but she came back to life as a shikabane. Then she became a Shikabane Hime with Keisei Tagami as her contracted monk so she could get revenge on her family. However, before Keisei's death at the hands of the Seven Stars, he managed to transfer his seal to his adopted brother Ouri Kagami. Makina was at first hesitant to accept Ouri as her contracted monk, but after Ouri had undergone six months of training, Makina agreed to accept him.